Services offered but not limited to:

  • Revenue Management consulting
  • Revenue Management health checks
  • Maternity and vacancy cover
  • Distribution audits
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Training and recruitment support
  • Business planning and budgeting support

Revenue Management Consulting

With a combined 40 years of successful Revenue Management experience in a variety of hospitality properties across the UK, The Revenue Partnership provides a range of consulting services to meet your needs. We are able to help with analysis of complex business issues through to 1:1 discussions on a range of day to day issues. Our service is bespoke to meet your specific needs and we respond to each consulting enquiry. We see our role as providing you with options which will deliver financial results and improved market share.

Revenue Management Health Checks

The benefits of Revenue Management can be difficult to measure. The Revenue Management Health Check enables a Revenue Manager to see clearly where their strengths and weaknesses lie and what practical steps they can take to improve their results.  The Health Check is a motivating and rewarding exercise which helps Revenue Managers and General Manager identify where they need to focus their activity to further increase sales and market share.

Maternity and Vacancy Cover

The Revenue Partnership expertise is available to support on a contract basis whether for fixed term maternity cover roles, or temporary / variable vacancy cover. Ensuring essential Revenue Management tasks are not lost during a period of transition can be an essential difference for your team and your performance versus the market. We can undertake weekly revenue meetings, revenue forecasts, third party distribution, pricing and availability management and dealing with complex conference enquiries. Do not allow a gap in your people plan negatively impact your financial performance!

Distribution Audits

The range and diversity of online distribution sites is often overwhelming.  Are you participating in the right sites?  Are you effectively controlling the sites?  What tactics could be deployed to further increase this important sales channel? What tactics can be deployed to minimise errors and high cost complaints?  With a practical approach to working with you, The Revenue Partnership is determined to help you improve your success though effective Third Party Management.

Competitor Benchmarking

Keeping ahead of your competitors is one of the most critical pieces of activity any hotel team can undertake. Often this task is limited either to price benchmarking of transient rooms via site comparison companies or ad-hoc observations and feedback from clients. Working closely with you, The Revenue Partnership prepare a comprehensive review of your competitive market sets. 

Training and Recruitment Support

A successful and effective Revenue Manager can be the difference between average market performance and exceeding the market. Finding and retaining the best talent is a difficult task for any management, but it is even more challenging in a field where there is so much technology and lack of clarity in terms of measurement of success. Whether you are looking for CV auditing, interview support or 'interview role play' exercise, we are able to help you with the critical task of recruitment. Post recruitment, we are able to streamline induction training, on-going training and performance health checks in order for you to retain the best talent for your business.

Business Planning and Budgeting Support

By dedicated hands on support we are able to create a segmented business plan and budget for your property. Having a budget that is achievable is not only dependent on the actual percentage growth assumed, but also rests on the entire leadership team being clear as to the segmented strategies required to deliver the results. Clear targets, with simple to follow action plans can transform the enthusiasm of your team and an external facilitator can be the catalyst to your team's success.