Brian McCarthy, Managing Director at Valor Hospitality Europe:

“I have known both Margaret and Jeremy for many years, initially as colleagues but more recently as partners. Of most relevance is the work they have done for us since the formation of Valor Europe. Before we had developed our current sophisticated revenue management platform Margaret came on board to steer the ship. With relatively few sophisticated tools at the time but plenty of energy, acumen, knowledge and intelligence she helped produce way better than market performance. Her knowledge of the market and awareness of the strategic levers to pull is second to none. I will always be grateful – she helped set us on our way to the current market leading performance we deliver today”  

Peter Manby, Revenue Director at Travelodge Hotels Ltd:

"We have engaged the Revenue Partnership to support from a number of perspectives. On all assignments Jeremy and Margaret have met our expectations. The work they have carried out has been exceptional in quality and always met deadlines. As individuals and a partnership they have a high work ethic and a great depth of revenue management expertise. They are both very good communicators, and are able to connect with Revenue managers and Board members with equal comfort and competence.

Jeremy has worked in the capacity of project managing the implementation of IDeaS revenue management system in a centralised environment. This has included process change and hands on implementation through the team.

Margaret has completed a number of analyses of complex data and drawn out recommendations and actions in a concise and clear way underpinned with supporting documentation."

David Taylor, Head of Commercial UK&I Managed Estate, IHG: 

“Jeremy, as a contractor in this role, I appreciate the positioning you sometimes have to take to get results, and I've been constantly impressed at how you've gone about the role, supporting the team, especially at a difficult time at the start of 2013, and maintained stability, whilst preparing for a successful transition to a successor. Genuinely, your contribution towards a London recovery is much appreciated. I'd recommend The Revenue Partnership for any future opportunities."

Scott Mitchell, Commercial Director at The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh:

Even coming from a revenue background myself, I find it very useful to have Margaret check our activities from time to time to ensure that we are adhering to best practice and identifying areas we may wish to put more focus on.
When it comes to project work, system changes or annual budgeting I find it invaluable to bring in outside expertise to supplement the in-house team.

Margaret is a professional in the fields of yield and revenue management, with the ability to think independently and analytically about my business without being to close too the operation and being distracted by the day to day matters.

I would strongly recommend Margaret and The Revenue Partnership to all progressive hoteliers.

 Mark Kemp, E-Gaming Director at Gala Coral Group:

“Margaret is an exceptional revenue management professional. Margaret has experience of delivering results and leads revenue management application in all areas of the hotel industry. Whilst having excellent understanding of the data management, decision-making processes and systems that enable revenue management, Margaret is also able to lead change through very strong project, organisational understanding and people skills.”

David Webster, General Manager at Carton House, Ireland:

“In my opinion Margaret is one of the most knowlegeable experts in the field of Revenue Management in the Hospitality Industry in the UK. She can review, explain, recommend and assist in implementation of relevant Revenue Management Strategies that will yield positive results for the short, medium and long term. Margaret can influence and get buy in from the teams she works with and do it in a very inclusive, personable and enjoyable manner.”

 Mandy Jennings, Director, Page-UK:

“Jeremy is an exceptional revenue management professional who has vast experience and has delivered excellent results in all the roles he has undertaken. He offers a wide base of revenue management skills in all areas of the hotel industry with specific specialism in resort hotel properties with extensive conference and event business. Whilst having excellent understanding of distribution, data management, decision-making processes and systems that enable revenue management, Jeremy is also able to lead change through very strong project management and people skills. Jeremy has the ability to train revenue management processes in an easy to interpret way. I would highly recommend Jeremy to any hospitality organisation.”